Industrial design

  • Industrial design is an applied art in which aesthetics and usability (ease of use of an item) a refined goods. Industrial design result in the creation of shape, configuration, or composition of lines or colors or lines and colors or a combination thereof, in the form of three or two-dimensional, which gives the impression of an aesthetic, can be used to produce products, goods, industrial commodity or handicraft. A design is considered as a work of intellectual property as a result of the ideas and creativity of The designer, so copyrighted by the government through Law No. 31 of 2000 on Industrial Designs. Criteria industrial design is new and does not violate the religion, laws, morality and public order. Perindungan time period for industrial designs is 10 years.
  •           The interior design is a creative profession in the field of applied engineering solutions that are built into the structure, to reach the interior environment. This solution is functional, such as to improve the quality of life and culture of the inhabitants and create an impression of attractive aesthetics in the house.