Kriya is a branch

  • Kriya is a branch of art that emphasizes the skills of a high hand in the process. Kriya is divided into several sections, namely:
  •   Craft textiles are goods produced from the process of weaving textile goods include everything that is made by woven and knitted fabrics such as, clothing, household goods, etc.
  • Wood craft is a craft that uses the material of the timber is formed using a chisel worked or carved wood that is usually used is teak, mahogany, hibiscus, sapodilla, jackfruit and others. Examples furniture, relief and others.
  • Ceramic craft is a craft that use raw materials of clay through the process in such a way (massaged, butsir, gyre, burning and glaze) to produce goods or disposable items and beautiful decorative objects. Examples of pottery, plates and others.